We are a small business that happens to LOVE Rhinestones and glitter. For the past several years our apparel company has devoted most of its time to teams and groups that  like wearable hand designed rhinestone "bling" on their shirts,hoodies etc.

We also love to try new ideas and create items that are more "artisan" and crafted with a bit more  in the way of specialty materials, wool, leather, and Polartec. This year as we worked on getting geared up for the Julebyen, we put our patterns to a workout and added the sparkle ,and I think you will like our finished products. Headbands, with 4 way stretch and Polartec, wool wine bags with our unique added touches of bling, our Early Bird Mug and Coaster sets, all made  here on location!. Take a stroll thru the site, and send us an email, and we will be happy to respond.